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White Stranger Group announces Advanced Biorhythms 2.10

Biorhythms Calculation, Forecast and Interpersonal Compatibility Software Released March 18, 2004

March 18, 2004 White Stranger Group announced version 2.10 of its feature packed biorhythms calculation and forecast software allowing computer users open new mysterious world of biorhythms. The person just needs to enter his or her date of birth and voila - the graph displaying primary, secondary, I-Ching and interpersonal compatibility biorhythms cycles appears on the screen. Many scientists and spiritual practitioners deem biorhythms to be a decider factor when planning monthly schedule, going out for a date or attempting to foretell illness and bad mood.

Advanced Biorhythms is intended for a broad range of PC users, who value the irrational explanations of events and activities and would like to predict them using latest computer technologies. According to a research conducted by White Stranger Group, men are even more interested in biorhythms than women. However, both men and women will love to try the Advanced Biorhythms' partner match feature, where you can see who exactly from extensive celebrity list included in the software matches your biorhythms and would have been the best partner for you. You can see how well you would go with Kurt Russell or Britney Spears!

"Biorhythms are most important when it comes to planning our life," - said Dmitry Konovalov, CEO of White Stranger Group. "Those who realized that already, usually have to do extensive calculations with pen and paper. When creating Advanced Biorhythms, we strived to make a product that would help people take biorhythms into account easily. With our new personal calendar and forecast features this task is really a snap!" 

According to Mr. Konovalov "White Stranger Group did its very best to come up with technically advanced biorhythms calculation and forecast software that can help you live your life or make you smile!"

About White Stranger Group 
Founded in 2000, White Stranger Group specializes in developing biorhythms software applications based on renowned scientific studies and spiritual practices. The company conducts its own research on the influence of biorhythms on human behavior. White Stranger Group utilizes latest findings in the field of biorhythms calculations and applied psychophysiology in company's software products. 

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