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November 25, 2005

Contact: Helen Taylor (press at
Company: White Stranger Group
Title: Public Relations Manager

Let Your Biorhythms Help You Be a Winner in 2006!

Natural Biorhythms 2.7, an advanced biorhythms program provides you with personal daily forecasts, helping you to know the full potential of your capabilities and prevent rash decisions.

White Stranger Group is pleased to announce today the unveiling of the newest version of their Natural Biorhythms, which is offered to all users with a 15% discount and wishes of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Natural Biorhythms is an easy-to-use program that enables you to generate personal forecasts and biorhythmic charts on the basis of your birth date. With two clicks you can easily test the compatibility between you and your loved one, or simply between any two people and get relationship advice. Other features include additional secondary and I-Ching charts, detailed day info monitor, printable monthly calendar and wide celebrities database.


What Stands Behind Natural Biorhythms?

"Natural Biorhythms 2.7 is based on the western scientific theory of biorhythms", says Helen Taylor, manager at White Stranger Group. "The theory behind biorhythms says every living creature has a biological clock that regulates life by ticking off a rhythm from the day of birth. Similar to the cycles of the moon, the movement of the stars and the low or high tides, it is believed that humans have rhythms that influence many aspects of their lives. These rhythms come as the physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive cycles. Each of these cycles goes through different phases: high, low and critical. People can improve the quality of their lives by monitoring the highs and lows of their cycles and acting accordingly. For example, you might schedule work on an important business project during your intellectual highs, avoid talking to your spouse during emotional crisis, go to the fitness center during the physical highs, and avoid gambling during the intuitive lows."

One Feature at a Glance: Advanced Biorhythmic Matching

Biorhythmic matching enables you to take two or more people and compare their biorhythms for compatibility. The latter is tested on the physical, emotional and intellectual cycle. For each of them the program automatically calculates its percentage and then the total. Matching is done in a separate dialog, where you should first specify the person to find a match for and then a group of candidates to search. The next step is to select a filter pattern from the "Search for" menu. You may choose to look for an ideal match, a good match, a sex partner, a friend, a business partner, somebody to talk, or a complete antipode. Upon selecting the menu item, Natural Biorhythms responds with the match results. To narrow your search you may apply filters, including a sex filter, an exact compliance percentage, and an age filter. In the end, you can generate a group or personal compatibility report, and view compatibility charts.

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What Customers Say

Natural Biorhythms has been adopted by many people, who use it to better plan their day. "From now on, I am never going to go, do, say or sign anything important if my biorhythms are not to my advantage," says Gaylon Kent O'Dell, a customer. "And if I can get someone's birthday... I will find out how compatible we are (FYI, my wife and I have been married for thirty-five years this December and we are 65% compatible) and use my biorhythms to my best advantage or make the determination as to whether I even want to be in the same room with that person. Right now I have August - November, 2005 biorhythms printed out, front and back with a 23 results forecast of my critical days. Both are in a single sheet protector with the biorhythms on the one side and the forecast on the other. Wow! With a single glance I can see "where I am" on any given day and how I should interface with the rest of the world."


Natural Biorhythms Pricing and Availability

Natural Biorhythms 2.7 runs under Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP and costs $29.75 (USD) for a single-user license, $74.75 (USD) for a family license and $90.00 (USD) for a business license. Licensed users are entitled to free lifetime upgrades and technical support. Additional information on Natural Biorhythms 2.7, detailed documentation, as well as its free, fully functional evaluation version is available from


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An editor's copy of Natural Biorhythms 2.7 is available for review or contest purposes. Contact Helen Taylor (press at for more information or to request an evaluation copy.

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