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Natural Biorhythms' reviews

Selected biorhythms reviews

Mike about Natural Biorhythms 2.70

Cynthia about Natural Biorhythms 2.50


James Martindale

about Natural Biorhythms 2.80

I found your program during an internet search for biorhythm software. I tried
several and I had your freeware version for some time. I like your program the
best, so I decided to get the full version.


Peter Muller

about Natural Biorhythms 2.80

You asked for brief feedback on this superb, compact, user-friendly application. I first became aware of biorhythms as a set of documented and chartable human characteristics back in 1982 when I was learning a little "basic" programming for a BBC B micro-computer and found such a program in the training manual. I typed in all the code and was fascinated by the elementary graphs that appeared on my little 48k RAM machine. I subsequently lost the use of the "Beeb" (old age - the Beeb's, not mine?) and often wondered where I could find a replacement biorhythm program. 

Last month I made my first determined effort at replacement and surfed the Web. Google took me straight to you as a highly rated site. I was delighted with the trial version (now registered) because of the clear and colourful presentation, ease of use and speed. I live in the bush on the banks of a beautiful but remote river in South Africa and am much closer to nature and millions of living things than I have ever been before, having exited the hectic life of corporate madness. This change brought me to a point where I wanted to know more about cycles and rhythms in living things. It's all motion. On the lighter side, I can now phone friends and family and tell them how THEY are feeling.


William W. Engelke

about Natural Biorhythms 2.80

I first learned about biorhythms over 25 years ago and have "checked in" periodically ever since. A few weeks ago some friends mentioned access to an online biorhythm site, but couldn't remember the URL. I went hunting and found yours, which appears to be superior to all of the ones I actually visited online. No other site provides anywhere near the depth and breadth of information yours does, especially the I Ching section. 


Jim Hough

about Natural Biorhythms 2.70

Like I said - the software is too right too often for me to ignore. I spent an active day yesterday followed by a long drive - and did not get tired driving. My physical was at max. When Henrietta gets has a bad day and is unpleasant to me, it turns out that she is having low days. Please consider me your fan.


Janice Lau

about Natural Biorhythms 2.70

Thank you so much for your extensive program on "biorhythm" analysis.

I have downloaded "Natural Biorhythm" with ease and have tested the program out and was very happy to have found how extensive it was. The calendar is a good guidance for me for at my daily job for it will help me plan my meetings to get the best advantage in dealing with Sales people around the world.

I discovered your website while looking for a good biorhythm program. I chose your program based on the many choices I could get besides just looking only at a chart. There were others similar to yours but nothing came close to the different categories for the price. I am glad I kept going through the pages which I would have generally have given up. Thank you once again.


Dorsie Hathaway

about Natural Biorhythms 2.60

I very much enjoy the updated program, Natural Biorhythms. Your upgrade/installation instructions were very clear and easy to understand. Thanks for making things so user-friendly.

I have been using the BioRhythms program almost everyday to help myself. Sometimes it has been useful in understanding others' behavior, as well, for instance, when my friend's 4 year old was "suddenly" having a difficult month. (I personally would not wish to be a 4 year old again, but she handled it with remarkable grace). The program has also been useful to me in predicting compatibility with people I've been dating, or understanding apparent incompatibilities between people I know and myself, or others. 


Cynthia Broekers

about Advanced Biorhythms 2.50

I found your site recently and am really excited about a potential new addition to my alternative therapies business. I'd like to share with you a review I've written on my website about the free trial of Advanced Biorhythms I downloaded and totally love!

The link to my review is:


William Shepherd

about Advanced Biorhythms 2.50

I have been interested in biorhythms for over 20 years and have my own programs doing the necessary calculations and expressed as percentages (100 to -100, going up and down). I do not do graphics with it. I have studied many websites over the years and yours is the best for graphics and comprehensive information which are easily understood. 

I know that the best period of time is when cycles are positive going up. However, I have made a discovery especially concerning sport in that there are some unusual results when the physical cycle is at is lowest (-100 in my program) or the next day and combined with the intellectual cycle at a peak! The reason I put this down to is physical negative going down is the worst few days which everyone experiences and then suddenly to be released from it can have a remarkable effect! 

Thanking you for your help. I will enjoy using your program. 


Cliff Zimmerman

about Advanced Biorhythms 2.40

My father, Norman Zimmerman, was a commercial artist in the early 70's. He designed the first "take-home" kit for The Martin Tri-Graph Bio-Rhythm Company. He brought home a prototype - which he designed - and I immediately became completely and totally fascinated and devoted to the Bio-Rhythm theory! I started doing charts - by hand - for the next 3 decades. Of course, your incredible software has made the hand-made charts obsolete, but I still have the original kit. I  thought that you might find this story of interest, since it has to do with the origin and history of Bio-Rhythms.  Thank you so very much for your time and consideration!

Ivena Heald

about Advanced Biorhythms 2.32

I have been interested in Biorhythms since 1983 and did most of them manually. Just recently I have been looking for a program to do all the calculations for me and searched the internet for this very purpose. I have been thru literally hundreds of sites and always kept coming back to yours as I found it simple to use, easy to populate and very very user friendly. I look forward to using it indepth and also the upgrades in the future.

Viki Adams

about Advanced Biorhythms 2.30

I first learned of them in 1979 and found very little on the subject. The years have flooded the market with a wealth of info. I heard of your site when I ran a meta-search which turned up hundreds of sites. I just opened each site, read the info, and if they offered a shareware or freeware I downloaded it.

Afterward, I tried each one. Many were very simply the same first generation that's been on the web for 7 years basically the same. I deleted all but yours. I was glad to be able to try it out before I used it. The graphics are great. You have packed it with many features that are very interesting. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your gift with the universe!!!

I love your program Advanced Biorhythms! 

Sheila Waddington

about Advanced Biorhythms 2.20

I registered with Advanced Biorhythms because it is an excellent program that is easy to use, and though the free version is brilliant and I'm sure it's of use to all who use it, I do feel that the people who designed the program should be rewarded!!!!

I became interested in Biorhythms when I first had a computer, an applemac, years ago, it had a biorhythms program on it which I enjoyed using and found quite accurate to assess my mode of operation for the day! Your program is far more advanced than the original one I used, I am hoping to be able to make use of your program in planning certain dates, or at least be more aware of possible shortcomings for certain days.

The best things for me are the increased accuracy with the additional subleties of secondary rhythms and the I ching rhythms, the projection forwards and backwards, the daily summary, the monthly printout, the colours and layout the easiness of use and clarity. I am sure I will start to use it with friends when I program in their birthdates and find out their 'best' days too!!! I'm looking forward to learning more!

Thank you for such a good program. I'll let you know more as I get more used to it!


Maureen Shannon

New Jersey PC User Group 

about Advanced Biorhythms 2.10

I found the software to be very interesting. I entered several dates from the past and checked the charts for those days. The values were very accurate! I remembered something I read in Linda Goodman's Star Signs book which indicates that people have certain periods that are considered bad for them. Or periods were bad health or health related things were likely to occur. Ebbs and flows as it were. I did this because twice during this period that is in my "bad" times I have been seriously injured. I didn't have the book prior to these things happening so when I read it I was quite surprised because I had one accident in each of the two periods that were predicted to be bad for me. Checking the values for the exact days of the injuries, I found that my values were very low in certain areas! Where the book indicates a broad range of time, the biorhythms showed information for the exact day. Whether or not people believe in this, it certainly is interesting to see such a degree of accuracy. Certainly it could make a case that when your awareness is extremely low you could be more accident prone. I also ran charts for other just to see if I would find the same results and did! It's quite fascinating.

I normally review graphics and web products but I have always had an interest in things like astrology or I-Ching. It was fun and certainly very interesting. 


Marcia Glinski

about Advanced Biorhythms 2.01

... it is truly a far superior program than the other one. Their program was very minimal and not much interaction. Initially I had just done a search for biorhythm programs, downloaded it and paid for it. I didn't compare programs because this other one was the only one I saw at the time. You have the calendar, forecasts, I-Ching and so many more quality features for the same price. The other company just give a monthly physical, intellectual, and emotional forecast.

I really appreciate you giving me your program, but I went to your site an purchased a copy of your program, as it deserves to be paid for. 


John Slonaker

about Advanced Biorhythms 2.0

In college, I had a class on human behavior in which biorhythms were discussed. Since then I have always been interested in using biorhythms to track events in my life as well as the activities of colleagues, friends, and family. I purchased my first biorhythm software program in 1995, a simple program that only gave a single graph of the monthly cycles. Several weeks ago I obtained a trial copy of Advanced Biorhythms found with a Google Query for this type of program. I downloaded several trials and then removed them one by one until I tried Advanced Biorhythms. The program is intuitive, easy to use and contains very clear graphs. An added bonus is the additional rhythm graphs and the fun compatibility charting. I and my friends especially like the 'Calendar' that shows our biorhythms as a weather report, very creative! However, with out a doubt, the customer service provided by the developer of this program is outstanding, truly five star service in support of Advanced Biorhythms!

Boise, Idaho 


Lady Rae

about Advanced Biorhythms 1.6

I liked what I saw on your web page, and loaded the mini-version onto my computer. It seemed to be what I was looking for, so I decided to see what the longer version had to offer. I like the addition of the compatibility graphs and so forth, so I just decided to go ahead and purchase it. 

It might still be a little early to say what I like best about it. It is easy to use, clear and logical. I would say I "believe" in biorhythms about 85%. I think and feel that they do help to explain many things, but not everything. Much of your explanation has further clarified the theory for me, and this has been wonderful. I no longer think so much in terms of "good & bad", "high or low". Rather, I think more in terms of "Active or Resting".

There can be advantages to either phase as long as the individual learns how to work with these phases, rather than against them. Similarly, well I guess not so similarly, I have a slightly different view of critical days since reading much of the theory you provide. I guess I can explain my thoughts regarding critical days best with this analogy. When walking, with each and every step there comes a point in time and space when a person could be knocked off his/her feet effortlessly. That micro-instant comes and goes a million times without incident. Similarly with critical days, I suspect that most come and go without incident. Nevertheless, an event that might otherwise pass barely noticed, could throw you for a loop on a critical day. A critical day doesn't mean something bad is going to happen, or that a person ought to stay home in bed for the day! Just be a bit more alert to something that could "knock you off your feet." That wouldn't be the day to schedule elective surgery or go sky diving. 


Gregory Nelson

about Advanced Biorhythms version 1.6

You are the greatest. Advanced Biorhythms helps me every day. It is very important for me to monitor all the things you have devised Advanced Biorhythms to chart. I am a registered user, and I have gotten a friend to try the trial version. Thank you so very much.


Brian Davis

about Advanced Biorhythms version 1.6

Registered because I wanted the program working correctly and I do pay for shareware. The program is elegantly simple and prints out a clear chart (not 'see how clever I am at bells and whistles stuff', which I find boring) it clearly shows the cycles. 

Edward Walker

about Advanced Biorhythms version 1.5

The reason I registered Advanced Biorhythms is because I like the look of the program and the way it presented information. The calendar feature was the best yet! I've created a calendar for all of 2004 and a tiny Dayrunner with all my biorhythms for me to care in my handbag.


Harold Amoroso

about Advanced Biorhythms version 1.4

Thanks for the great software. I registered because the chart is easy to read and I like seeing what my rhythms are every day. 
1. Easy to read 
2. Very good price. 
3. Extra features. (intuition, I-ching, can save names of other people, etc.) 


Jaason Low

about Advanced Biorhythms version 1.4

I downloaded your lite version 1.4 to try out, and of all the various biorhythms software I've seen, yours has the nicest and friendliest interface. 


Jim Firbank

about Advanced Biorhythms version 1.2

I have always been interested in Biorhythms and have downloaded several 'freebies' over the years.  I like the way your product is layed out. When I find a product which someone has obviously spent considerable time developing and it suits my fancy, then I have no reservation about paying for my use.


Tim Frost

about Advanced Biorhythms version 1.1

I like the easy interface and the explanations for each day.  The compatibility feature is also one that I have not seen in other software.  Another big attraction is the price.  I hope that you are successful with future software projects as well.


Locker Gnome 

about Advanced Biorhythms version 1.1

Enter a birthday, and the program calculates the biorhythms to produce four basic biorhythms diagrams for the current day. It looks at the person's primary rhythms (basic physical, intellectual, emotional, and intuitive rhythms), secondary rhythms (wisdom, mastery, and passion), and I-Ching (aesthetic, self-awareness, and spiritual) rhythms. The purpose of biorhythms is to get an idea of what to expect on any day of your life. Reviewing my information, I think the details of each day can go either way, because it's generic (like horoscopes). For instance, physical represents a person's strength, endurance, powers, and state of health. The biorhythm shows physical at a high for the week, yet I've had terrible back pain. I would think that's a low, but it's taken a lot of strength and endurance for me to get through the day with the pain - so that could be a high. (Maybe?) Despite the vague information, I admit that I DO occasionally read my horoscope. [Meryl]


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