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Natural Biorhythms' Features


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  • Microsoft Windows 2000

  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

  • Microsoft Windows 98

Biorhythm chart calculator with printable monthly calendar and relationship advices. Compatibility

Version history

Version 3.00 

  • Extra rhythms: Perception, Psychic and Success were added

  • Improved Day Info and reports

  • Import/Export names DB for synchronization with mobile devices

  • Tips of the day

Version 2.90 

  • Improved Matching. Results may be sorted by compatibility

  • Improved help and reports

  • New set of icons

  • Pie charts calendar removed

  • Current settings remain the same on upgrade

  • Large fonts support

Version 2.80 

  • Descriptors for critical days

  • Critical days for intuitive rhythm are marked with blue diamonds as well as for three basic rhythms

  • Different settings for every chart. Customizable "overall value"

  • Customizable current day pointer

  • Improved Personal Forecast: some useful hints were added

  • "My Profiles" & "Celebrities" are not mandatory anymore

  • Every group of profiles may have own icon

  • Groups may be manually sorted

Version 2.70 

  • Greatly improved descriptors. Many thanks to Sheila Priya!

Version 2.60

  • New program's name

  • Histogram with adjustable transparency

  • Mutual effect line added to Compatibility chart

Version 2.50

  • Internet search. Now you can find available pictures and info about any person with one click

  • Birthday party list added to Names Database

  • Fast group switching

Version 2.40

  • Great number of new day descriptors were added

  • Merge and Cancel features into Names Database

  • Most restrictions for Unregistered version were turned off

  • New program's name

Version 2.30

  • New Names Database. Unlimited amount of groups and databases, backup availability

  • Common date format

Version 2.20

  • Adjustable charts: any color and type. Ready set for monochrome printers

  • Day info printable report

Version 2.10

  • About 400 new celebrities added

  • Instead of replacing, the Celebrities database is merging now

  • Improved registration procedure

Version 2.0

  • Greatly improved Day info screen

  • Font setup feature for printable Calendar

  • Stressful days added to Personal Forecast

  • Biorhythm charts and Calendar now can be copied to Clipboard 

  • Speed and reliability: Internal program's structure was changed completely

Version 1.6

  • Biorhythmic matching 

  • Personal and group compatibility reports 

  • Registration reminder

Version 1.5

  • Improved printable monthly calendar

  • True easy-to-use Personal Forecast

  • Hotkeys and mouse wheel scrolling are supported now

  • Full-screen mode

Version 1.4

  • Celebrities database

  • Windows XP style

  • Improved personal forecast

  • New interface

Version 1.3

  • Advanced long-term personal forecast

  • Interface improvements

Version 1.2

  • Partners' compatibility test

  • Improved and expanded Day Info

Version 0.95b

  • I-Ching biorhythms added. Aesthetic, Self-awareness and Spiritual charts

  • Names Database startup prompt included

  • Day Info greatly improved

Version 0.81b (first release)

  • Primary biorhythms. Basic Physical, Intellectual, Emotional plus additional Intuitive charts

  • Secondary biorhythms. Wisdom, Mastery and Passion

  • Critical days for basic biorhythm chart

  • Integral bar chart for basic biorhythms

  • Printable monthly bar chart and pie chart calendar for primary rhythms

  • Exact current day info

  • Names database

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