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Free biorhythms readings and charts


Color waves represent Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Intuitive biorhythms in range 0 - 100%.

* red stars indicate Critical days, when associated abilities are unstable


Biorhythm cycles for 23 January 2018

Physical:  50%, rising, critical day

Emotional:  50%, rising, critical day

Intellectual:  50%, rising, critical day

Intuitive:  50%, rising, critical day

Overall: 50%, Good day

Biorhythm daily reading

Everything is going your way today. Make the most of it! This is a great time for developing and demonstrating your skills and talents. You can do just about anything. You can plan important presentations and business trips with confidence. This day is favorable for large transactions, long-term contracts, and strong business alliances. It's also a good day for sports and physical activity.

Physical instability

Be careful when using tools and appliances, working with fire or electricity, or when operating machinery or transports. Accidents or injuries may occur on the job.

Emotional instability

Extreme sensitivity and emotional instability may affect everything, from work to personal relationships. You may be hard to understand. Don't let your emotions carry you away. Try to concentrate.

Intellectual instability

You may come up with original ideas that are unrealistic or impractical or ideas that you yourself may not be willing to realize. Your mind may be scattered and your decision-making impulsive. It's better to hold off on scientific experiments and research.

Intuitive instability

You may be disillusioned about the prospects and realization of projects. You may experience insecurity or feel irrational fear. Today you may lack your usual diplomacy and manners, opening up the possibility of conflicts.

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