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Cynthia Broekers

about Natural Biorhythms 2.50

Biorhythms. As old as the ages. Forecasting daily Physical, Emotional and Intellectual ups and downs. I remember years ago when I was a teen, my Dad on his new computer, playing with his new Biorhythms Calculator. He thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. I thought it was boring. Block text, thin wavy lines and no descriptions. What was so fantastic about that? Said me at aged 15. 

Now I'm thirty-something, a single mum and running my own alternative therapies business. Today I remembered Dad's interest in Biorhythms and thought it would be a perfect addition to my business.

So I Googled everything I found was still that same old boring calculator, with wavy lines and no text. Until I found Natural Biorhythms. The name says it all! These charts are gorgeous to look at - but there's more!

Natural Biorhythms is packed with features, graphs and charts. After downloading the free trial version, I found all sorts of goodies. It's a report writer's dream!

Natural Biorhythms software comes as an easy to navigate database where you can enter and save various profiles and run daily or monthly reports. You can view a month at a glance, with an attractive, colorfully illustrated calendar. Choosing the Day Info tab will give you a written descriptive text, also graphically illustrated, describing your forecasted highs and lows for any entered day.

Another great feature is the Compatibility chart and report. Enter your profile and that of your partner (or desired partner) to see an overall compatibility report which goes into detail as to why specific areas may or may not be a concern for this relationship.

Not only that, you will be able to see, by day, how the two of you relate in each particular area (Physically, Emotionally, Intellectually) - if you are both on the same wavelength emotionally or if the two of you are having conflicting days physically -  not necessarily a bad thing, as one can boost the other, especially if you are aware of it!

Taking this state-of-the-art software program even further, the authors, White Stranger Group, have added 2 more reports, Secondary Rhythms and I-Ching which compliment the Primary (traditional) Biorhythms perfectly. Secondary gives you Wisdom, Mastery and Passion. The I-Ching rhythms give you Aesthetic, Awareness and Spiritual. A great all-round report for those who want to reach their full potential each day.

I've got to say, I love this program and haven't stopped playing with it. I can't wait to tell my Dad!


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