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Mike Goldsun

about Natural Biorhythms 2.70

My experience with biorhythms reaches as far back as 1964, when my mother used to graph our personal charts by hand, using graph paper and a formula which she found in a book. The technique was clumsy and arduous to say the least and she soon stopped doing it; but for a while I was well informed, and kept a 'minds eye' on the concept. 

When I passed through New York in 1976 I actually found and bought a Biorhythm Calculator which served me well enough until someone sat on it. I forgot about the concept and usefulness of Biorhythms for a while after that until a few years ago when I searched for a biorhythm calculator online and found one by JavaRhythm which we used at our house exclusively. I found out the birth dates of our eight other room mates and plotted charts for all of us using a printer and a pair of scissors. I made charts for friends, and customers as I went along and was relatively satisfied with the process until my wife enquired as to whether there was a compatibility graph available. At that moment I realized that the system I had been using was limited in it's scope.

So I searched again and experimented with over a half a dozen calculators until I found Natural Biorhythms by White Stranger Group. 

I can tell you in NO uncertain terms that this is by FAR the most complete and useful calculator tool I have ever seen. The compatibility charts are invaluable for all human interactions and offer an insight far beyond any available anywhere else. The ability to know in advance how well or unwell any given interaction with another person will be can be the difference in keeping or losing a friend a lover or a boss.

For those days when you feel kind of low, a quick check of your bio's status will enlighten you to your state of being as well as that of anyone else you've entered into the list, and give you advance warning on how to deal with your day. The primary rhythms option offers a clear and colorful way to view your day to day systems, with each plane having a different color to make reading easier. The first three wave planes are the regular, typically available Physical, Emotional and Intellectual illustrations, but there is ALSO an Intuitive reading in the mix which is rarely seen on Biorhythm calculators today, and provides an inner insight to that plane in equally clear color and format.

The secondary rhythms option is something that I've NEVER seen or even been aware of before . It shows readings of Wisdom, Mastery and Passion. Subtle nuances of human essence to be sure, but useful and enlightening on those days when you aren't quite sure 'what's going on with you'

The third tab option is a reading of the I-Ching elements so popular in eastern cultures. The I-Ching is an ancient divination tool which is accessed generally by the throwing of three coins, three times and determining the combination of meanings by researching in a book. Forget the book, and the coins, White Stranger Group has incorporated your I-Ching compatibility readings on a daily basis right into their Natural Biorhythm calculator, by providing graphs of your various other bodies, namely, the Aesthetic, Awareness, and Spiritual.

Along the bottom of each persons listing is a Number of Days Lived figure, while under the compatibility page is a percentage figure of actual overall compatibility. Brilliant!

But that isn't all that this Fantastic Program offers. Along the top of each page is a row of other choices ranging through Print, Save, Names, Details, Calendar, Forecast, Matching, Options and Help.

These features are invaluable additions to the information field when entering or researching detailed material with which to base decisions of human interaction, business decisions, travel planning, or general 'risk assessment' for day to day living. Such a vast and comprehensive 'inner workings' tool is as invaluable as it is informative and I have NO hesitation whatsoever in recommending this online calculator to ANYONE seeking deeper and subtler viewpoints on such a variety of levels.

In Sincere and Conscious Enlightenment,
Rev. "Munchi Mike" Goldsun


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Biorhythms calculator. Compatibility and I-Ching charts. User's review by Mike. Program's icon.Download Natural Biorhythms

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